What We Do

NATRAD is a non-profit organization established in 2022 for public and charitable purposes. NATRAD, a chartered charity headquarters in Los Angeles, California, has a vision of providing services to the communities with faith-based principles. NATRAD believes that every human is unique in their own way. Each person faces different challenges throughout their lives and because of that; each individuals has knowledge that no others have. In today’s world, humanity faces many different challenges - old challenges that we still continue to face and new challenges. The way humanity has overcome many of these difficult challenges and continues to progress throughout time has never been achieved by only one person, but rather, by a group of people from different backgrounds with the same common goal.


Our main focus as an organization is to follow this same philosophy by collaborating with the local communities and with other organizations to come up with alternative solutions - through ideas and developments through scientific technology. We will provide support to tackle or ease the problems in the affected communities that transitions their day-to-day lives from comfortable situations to unpleasant situations due to the climate change.

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Our Mission

Our mission is to ensure that local communities are well informed about climate change and as well as to promote alternative solutions through ideas and innovations that tackles on issues of climate change that will benefit the public.  

Our Approach

Our approach are two things - (1), to promote awareness of issues caused by the climate change through the use of social media and other platforms to the communities. (2) to collaborate and provide alternative solutions through ideas and development through scientific technology with local communities and/or organizations to tackle the climate change issues that will benefit the public. 

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Current Project

Our current project "Flense Model" – is a work in progress of a new innovation project geared to redesigning a new desalination water plant to produce clean water through the process of operating the machine by replacing old energy with clean energy.

Learn more about our current project and what we do to help find solutions to our world's problem that we face today.


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Some of the recorded data and other information on current projects to the public view.


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"While nearly 70 percent of the world is covered by water, only 2.5 percent of it is fresh."

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