At NATRAD, our current project "Flense Model" – is a new innovation project geared to redesigning a new desalination water plant through the process of replacing old energy to clean energy in order to produce fresh clean water. Two main key beneficial points of this design are (1) Affordable Cost; by ensuring to use affordable yet durable and effective materials to construct and function at a low-cost budget. (2), Environmentally Friendly; not only will the "Flense Model" target at a low-cost budget, but it will also target by replacing dirty energy to clean energy in order to operate the plant and to prevent further damage to the environment. To learn more about this project, please continue reading the information provided below.



The silver bowl test during the Flense Model 3 test shows progress of water producing steam slowly as the water continues to get very hot. 

Photo Date: 8/13/22


A brief video of the early stage of glass the dome test to analyze and plan to create the first model of the Glass Dome. 

Photo Date: 9/2/22

Research Data

To measure our progress and ensure that our time and ideas are being implemented appropriately throughout research, we keep track of records made during each test through the data. To obtain more in depth details about our progress on this research, please click the link below.