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Welcome to the Community Page. In this page, you will find recent information about our organization and how we engage with the community through exploring the area of nature and sites and as well as engaging through collaboration within the local citizens. You will also learn about our current work project and current  world news.   

Climate Change and the Impact it has on Clean Water Access

Climate change is already affecting water access for people around the world, causing severe droughts and floods - especially in developing countries. Increasing demand for more productions in factories to meet demand in the increasing human population is one of the main contributors to this problem. Climate change impacts specifically the water cycle functions by influencing when, where, and how much new fresh water falls from lakes, ocean and ground. These factors ultimately impact the amount of fresh clean water not only for use by human beings, but also the ecosystem as a whole. “FLENSE” Model Project focuses on tackling issues from dirty to clean energy and using cheaper materials in order to decrease further damage to the environment and affordability in order to decrease cost of production. To learn more about our project, please click "Current Project". 

Image by Donald Giannatti

Advance Engineering

Accelerate To Improve Modern Technology. 

Economic Health Image.jpeg

Economic Health

Promote Sustainable Plan For Cost and Risk Reduction.

Image by Hermes Rivera

Environmental Health

Promote Sustainable Plan For Waste and Risk Reduction. 

Sustainability Trend Focuses 


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